COOK QUEST - Character Design
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The protagonist for Cook Quest, Tabby! She's an optimistic klutz with a head full of wild ideas and a love for cooking. She's set on rising to the top of the chef ladder, despite her... unconventional methods of cooking. An apprentice under Mr. Flambe.

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William Snaught, called "Mr.Snot" by Tabby, is a greedy landowner that puts up a facade of being a benevolent philanthropist. He has his eyes set on Mr.Flambe's restaurant as the next addition to his business collection.

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Mr.Flambe runs the restaurant Tabby apprentices for. Having built his establishment from the ground up, he takes incredible pride in the traditions of his restaurant. However his growing age has forced him to search for heirs to his business.

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Flambe and Tabby carry a very father/daughter relationship.

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The restaurant is also staffed by a big family of helpful doggies! They do a lot of the grunt work, but they absolutely love it. Flambe makes sure to treat them all to delicious puppy treats after work.

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An example of the kind of work the doggies do.

A collection of the main characters for my project, Cook Quest! Character descriptions can be found in the captions under each render.

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