The Adventures of Anise - Project Development
Erin shin anise character painting3

Anise, the main character. A scholarship recipient to a world renowned magical culinary academy!

Erin shin protag design

Development page

Erin shin prop thing2

Her primary weapon and culinary tool

Erin shin using stones2

Her staff at work

Erin shin colorthumbsss

Anise discovers a radish farm.

Erin shin radishchase

Uh oh!

Erin shin erin shin thumbs present
Erin shin food cart

Her mobile workstation

Erin shin erin shin academy development2 copy
Erin shin erin shin academy time of days2
Erin shin erin shin zoomshot

A collection of work I have done for The Adventures of Anise, a new worldbuilding Project I am working on! I will update this collection in the future, but just thought I would share this for people who were interested.