Taking the King Home - Keyframe
Erin shin kingoftheelvespdfwip7

Credit for the elf designs go to Van Li.

Erin shin kingoftheelvespdfwip6

Credit for the carriage design go to Van Li.

Erin shin kingoftheelvespdfwip5

Left to Right, Up to down : 1) Exposition, Shadrack opening up shop 2) Shadrack meets the elves 3) Shadrack is attacked by trolls 4) Phineas consoles Shadrack

The past few weeks I was able to work with a team of friends to do some concept work for our take on Philip K. Dick's "The King of the Elves" short story. I got to illustrate a keyframe of the final story beat where the elves take their king, Shadrack, back to the kingdom of the elves after they win the war against the trolls. I also included a few color key explorations of other story moments.